NovoLog® in the pump

NovoLog® (insulin aspart [rDNA origin} injection) pump therapy was first approved for use in adults in 2001, and subsequently approved for use in children in 2008. NovoLog® is the first rapid-acting insulin approved for both subcutaneous and pump use in pediatric patients with type 1 diabetes.

Safe and effective in pump therapy

Helping patients reach A1C and PPG goals

  • 2.5x more patients reached A1C goal ≤7% with NovoLog® in a pump vs NovoLog® and basal insulin injections (27% vs 10%, respectively; P<0.001)1

Stable with pump therapy

NovoLog® is the first rapid-acting insulin with an extended in-use time in external insulin pump reservoirs

Change NovoLog®

NovoLog® has an extended in-use time of up to 6 days in pump reservoirs as compared with only 48 hours for insulin glulisine.2,3

In-use time

Remains heat-stable in pumps at normal body temperature (up to 98.6°F) for up to 6 days.

It's recommended that patients using an insulin pump have a back-up source for insulin. NovoLog® FlexPen®—or NovoPen® Echo, which offers half-unit dosing—may be a good option.