NovoLog® makes analog insulin accessible1

Broad formulary access means NovoLog® can reach more lives.1 NovoLog® FlexPen® and vials are on Tier 2, with the lowest branded copay, for more than 85% of managed care patients nationwide.1*

NovoLog® is covered for more than 85% of managed care patients nationwide.a,b

Lowest branded co-pay for your Medicare Part D patients1 nationwideb

NovoLog® formulary status at top commercial health care and Medicare Part D plans is comparable to regular human insulin.c

a Managed care plans only. Does not include Medicaid and Medicaid Part D. Intended as a guide. Lower acquisition costs alone do not necessarily reflect a cost advantage in the outcome of the condition treated because there are other variables that affect relative cost. Formulary status is subject to change. Multiple products within the same therapeutic class may be considered preferred and on the same tier.

b Formulary data are provided by Fingertip Formulary® and are current as of [February 2013]. Because formularies do change and many health plans offer more than one formulary, please check directly with the health plan to confirm coverage for individual patients. ® 2013 Fingertip Formulary. All rights reserved.

c Regular human insulin is not a generic. No generic insulins are available in the United States.

More units. Same co-pay.

One box of NovoLog® FlexPen® provides 50% more insulin than a vial for the same co-pay on most managed care plans

9 out of 10 physicians say it is important to minimize patients’ out-of-pocket costs when prescribing2

Novo Nordisk Instant Savings Cards

To help make treatment with NovoLog® more affordable, encourage your patients to sign up for the Novo Nordisk Instant Savings Card, which allows them to pay no more than:

  • $25 for NovoLog® and each refill for up to 2 years.d
  • $20 for another Novo Nordisk product and each refill for up to 2 years and be eligible to receive 1 FREE box of Novo Nordisk needles

Eligibility and Other Restrictions Apply

All you have to do is:

  • Direct your patients to sign up at to receive an Instant Savings Card so they can take full advantage of all the savings. Patients can activate their card at or by calling 1-855-292-5966


  • Obtain a supply of Novo Nordisk Instant Savings Cards by contacting your Novo Nordisk Sales Representative.

There is a maximum savings of $100 per prescription for each analog prescription. Should you or your patients have questions regarding setup, claim transmission, patient eligibility, or other issues, call the Novo Nordisk Instant Savings Card Program at 1-855-292-5966 from 8 AM – 8 PM EST Monday – Friday.

d Eligibility and other restrictions apply. Offer valid for select Novo Nordisk products. Offer not valid for patients enrolled in any government, state, or federally-funded medical or prescription benefit program, including Medicare, Medicaid, VA, DOD, and Tricare. Offer is valid for a maximum of 24 refills per product over 2 years. Complete details are provided with the card.